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remove and rerelease a game question

illogicalillogical Posts: 19Registered Users *
ok i have a good game and it have a bunch of fan base, but the game did not rank well. im thinking of removing the game and rerelease it. and send a popup notification to the users i already have from the old removed game to download the new game.

do you think that the burst of download from the old users on the first day of my rerelease game will boost the game in the chart? have anyone tried this trick before?


  • angelappsangelapps usaPosts: 266New Users @ @
    It may, but you will need both to be released for that to work.
  • AndIndieAndIndie Posts: 6New Users Noob
    You'll definitely have a short-term boost in the charts but now charts are useless (IMHO) and you'll spend a lot of efforts for nothing. One hope is if your game is awesome and it can be notified in "New" sections but chances are very low.

    I saw several times some developers did that trick and I didn't remember any of them succeed after.
  • fantasticbeastsfantasticbeasts Posts: 7New Users Noob
    Sorry, it doesn't seem like the most advisable thing to do. Perhaps you can make changes or updates to the game, make significant changes enough that you can justify releasing another version. Use improved ASO techniques to improve your ranking. You can find many of those skills online or you can hire professional help.
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