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Scam app

dobrydobry Posts: 302Registered Users @ @
I'm wondering how this scam app got approved 2 months ago:

Main functionality requires In-app subscription which is about $50 a week. It has a 3 day trial, but many users (like my wife) subscribe and immediately just delete the app instead of also cancel the subscription. Nasty business idea!
Apple should really remove such apps with a lot of 1 star reviews.


  • chuckc192000chuckc192000 FloridaPosts: 394New Users @ @
    There are tons of fraudulent apps on the App Store, like the ones that claim to be mosquito repellents. Not only is there no scientific evidence that ultrasonic sounds can repel mosquitoes, but the iPhone can't produce ultrasonic sounds anyway!
  • bellissimobellissimo Posts: 231Registered Users @ @
    They really should cancel subscriptions on app deletion, no good reason not to as it becomes entirely pointless.
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