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My Talking Dog 2 - Virtual Pet: new super star among talking friends?

snezanasnezana SerbiaPosts: 97New Users @
My Talking Dog 2 – Virtual Pet is the advanced version of a popular talking pet game, so you should take a look. These games are treasure for kids and this one is surely better than the previous versions and will not disappoint. :)

App Store link:

My%2BTalking%2BDog%2B2%2BAndroid%2BScreenshot%2B1.jpg My%2BTalking%2BDog%2B2%2BAndroid%2BScreenshot%2B2.jpg My%2BTalking%2BDog%2B2%2BAndroid%2BScreenshot%2B4.jpg My%2BTalking%2BDog%2B2%2BAndroid%2BScreenshot%2B3.jpg


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