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GDPR Compliance



  • EarlyRiserEarlyRiser Posts: 3New Users Noob
    I've always assumed google would use the ip address to figure out the location of the device. I'm not sure the region the device is set to is reliable enough. But of course I don't know anything for sure.

    As for how to revoke the Ad permission, you will need to have a settings screen or something where the user can easily trigger the consent screen again and revoke or adjust their choices from there.
  • bellissimobellissimo Posts: 225Registered Users @ @
    If they are doing a server side check, then the IP address would make sense for sure.

    It is good that they are producing something standard at least. Will have to wait for the grand 'unveiling' to find out the nitty gritty though. Bit worried that they will require 'explicit' consent for either personalised or non-personalised ads, which would probably lead to an increase in users uninstalling the app.
  • bellissimobellissimo Posts: 225Registered Users @ @
    tmongy wrote: »
    1. Important: The Google-rendered consent dialog is not supported if the number of ad technology providers in your list of web properties exceeds 12. To collect consent for more than 12 ad technology providers, you must use the Publisher-managed consent collection option. Attempting to load a Google-rendered consent dialog with more than 12 ad technology providers will always fail.

    What is meant by "ad technology providers" here? Do they mean other ad sdks (Chartboost, Unity Ads, etc..) ? If so, does this mean this consent form can be used for all the ad networks used in the app?

    I think this is a reference to the companies which actually provide the ads, not the other ad sdks. Not sure what the 'web properties' they refer to are. In my AdMob account there are literally thousands of Ad Networks listed which you can block, but not sure where the list of ad networks you actually use is.

  • iekeiiekei Posts: 614Registered Users @ @ @
    The IP address in itself probably isn't accurate enough, then add VPNs to the soup.
  • bellissimobellissimo Posts: 225Registered Users @ @
    There isn’t a 100% foolproof way. IP would catch the vast majority I would have thought. More reliable than checking the device region anyway.
  • iekeiiekei Posts: 614Registered Users @ @ @
    On Android devices, Google knows exactly where they are.
  • Martin8Martin8 Posts: 25New Users @
    The website
    says: "The Consent SDK will be made available by mid-May".

    Does that mean this Consent SDK will not be part of AdMob's regular SDK and needs to be implemented additionally?

    Is there any way to see how the consent message will look like when using this new Consent SDK? Before it's available "by mid-May"?

    Will the Consent SDK serve the consent message in English only or also in all the other European languages like French, German, Italien, Polish etc.? I mean every European user must be able to read it and in many European countries a high number of people don't understand English. So is the consent message in different languages part of this Consent SDK or do you need to write and translate it by yourself?

    Thank you so much!
  • bellissimobellissimo Posts: 225Registered Users @ @
    Well it said it will be open source, so I guess it is a separate SDK.

    Interesting point about the translations, and not sure what the GDPR says about this. However if an app is only provided in a single language (e.g. English) then it could be argued that the expectation is that English is understood by the user and an 'English only' consent message is sufficient.
  • iekeiiekei Posts: 614Registered Users @ @ @
    Languages are an interesting point.
  • bellissimobellissimo Posts: 225Registered Users @ @
    More info about the ad technology providers here: Tools will be available shortly to choose your preferred providers.

    Note that as expected there are hundreds of them and if you choose more than 12 then you won’t be able to use Google’s forthcoming consent tool in some way (possibly around retrieving details for the providers)
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