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How should I make my game better?

Thunder_CrackleThunder_Crackle Posts: 8New Users Noob
As the title says, I've created a simple game called color mountain and I need help making it be more unique. Would love some feedback on what you think?

Heres a link if you want to try it, for Android and iOS:


  • UIUsUIUs Posts: 181Moderators Admin
    Moved to "Shameless Advertising"
  • Thunder_CrackleThunder_Crackle Posts: 8New Users Noob
    @UIUs Ok so next time should I use pictures instead of the link for feedback?
  • UIUsUIUs Posts: 181Moderators Admin
    Any reference or link to the name of your app is considered advertising. Those are the rules on this board. So the only forum that is allowed is "Shameless Advertising".
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