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[Beta Test] Business Card Application

TiratoTirato Posts: 1New Users
edited May 2012 in Ad Hoc Beta Testing
Dear iPhone enthusiasts,

A few months ago we started with a new business card application. With this application the user can share his card with other (nearby) users. The application also provides the user with the ability to check in on nearby locations.

If you are interested please follow the link underneath to install TestFlight on your mobile phone

The TestFlight accounts will be validated as soon as we are able. Unfortunately this can take some time, so don't be frightened if the app cannot be installed right away. The app will most likely be ready for you after 17:00 CET and can then be installed through TestFlight.

You can find more information in our test form. In this test form you can find some assignments and related questions we would like you to answer.

Best regards,

Tirato App(le) Development Team
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