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Beta testers needed for Clear Weather

PavelMikPavelMik Posts: 2New Users Noob
edited May 2012 in Ad Hoc Beta Testing
Want to beta test for Clear Weather for iPhone?
It's the first and only app that shows temperature by color.

To join the beta testing program, please click here:

About the app
  • First and only app that shows temperature by color.
  • Weather forecasts and local time for multiple locations all around the world.
  • Wind direction and speed, Humidity, Precipitation, Pressure and Visibility.
  • Sunrise/Sunset, Moonrise/Moonset and Moon phases.
  • Elegant and clear interface.
  • Swipe horizontal to navigate between locations.
  • Swipe vertical to change view - Locations, Right Now, 7 Day Forecast.




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