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To all Food Lovers - Help needed testing an app to share food photos

pipposantapipposanta Posts: 66New Users @
edited August 2012 in Ad Hoc Beta Testing
I'm looking for 20-50 people who would like to try the upcoming version of my iOS work Fudiz!
The App runs both on iPhone and iPad and requires iOS 5.
Fudiz! is a very immediate app to share food photos. You can either use it like a way to discover new food or you can use it to share your food photos. Features include sharing food photos using the integrated camera, finding new food using the world map, commenting and sharing food photos on Twitter, statistics in the user profile.

The following features are new in this Version:

- Better user interface
- Keep track of the foods you shared using the "My foods" section
- Share you favorites foods on Twitter
- New app icon
- Minor changes and fixes

The app supports English and Italian.

Testers are encouraged to provide feedback on bugs, user interface issues (including bad translations), things they like and things they don't like.
Developer background is a plus but not required.

DISCLAIMER: The software you will be using is a beta version and as such it is likely to contain bugs. Data loss or damage within the app is possible and we cannot take any responsibility if that happens.

I run the test through TestFlight. You can sign up here
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