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The game Wimp needs your help with testing

MrFlexileMrFlexile Posts: 1New Users
edited August 2012 in Ad Hoc Beta Testing
Hi everybody,

We have almost finished our first game as an independent developer, and we’re excited about it. The game is called Wimp. It’s a very addictive adventure-puzzle game based on the true physics. The main character is a cute blob with the so much funny emotions! But we have quite a sad story – the Wimp’s panties were stolen! And that’s when the journey begins. You will travel across the absolutely unique and amazing worlds chasing the thief. All levels are full of joy, puzzles and new game experiences. The character himself and the whole graphics and effects won’t let you to get bored of the game. And we can guarantee you the true polished mechanics - we mostly took care of it.

The game comes out in September as a universal app for the iOS devices. Android version will be available later.
Facebook page -
Twitter -

Everyone who wants to help us and become a beta-tester:

1. Email us to
2. Tell us your device model and iOS version.
3. Provide us with your Unique Device Identifier.
4. Have you ever been a beta tester, and what type of games tested?
5. Tell us your age, if you male or female and country where you're from.
6. Do you play mobile games often and what is you favourite games/genres?

Or simply join us on TestFlight

Thank you!

A couple of screenshots:
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