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SpiderWay, Indie Developer looking for beta testers

Nemo GamesNemo Games Posts: 7New Users
edited September 2012 in Ad Hoc Beta Testing
Hi guys.
We are an indie game developer group called Tango Games.
We are working on our latest game SpiderWay and we are looking for some beta testers. SpiderWay is a Puzzle/Action game. The main goal is to guide spiders to the right path...

If you have an iOS device (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch) and would like to participate in this beta test you are so welcomed.

We need your device ID and your Email so we can send the game.

1. you can register your device ID and Email through this link:

Here is guide for how you could get your device ID on Mac & Windows:


2. you can register via testflight:

[Edit: if you visit the page on your iOS device, the process will automatically done.]

We really appreciate all the testers we can get. The beta is completely free with no strings attatched, we just hope to get your feedback on the game.

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