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Rise Up! Radio/Alarm

radiofanradiofan Posts: 1New Users
edited October 2012 in Ad Hoc Beta Testing
Hey all,

I'm looking for beta testers for my new iPhone/iPad radio alarm clock.


Please mail me your UDID to or even better, sign up using iBetaTest to join the beta.

Featuring reaction time game, thousands of radio stations and stunning themes, Rise Up! Radio/Alarm harnesses extensive sleep research to give the ultimate sleep experience from the moment you go to bed till you wake in the morning.

Main features:
Beautiful nightstand with choice of clock themes prepared by our fantastic design team, including old-style LED, LCD and gorgeous Nixie tubes
Thousands of radio stations, including BBC, NPR, Digitally Imported and many more
Sleep mode - choose from radio or relaxing sounds including the sea, jungle, a soothing fan, white noise, or hipnotic binaural beats
Natural alarm mode softly fades in
Reaction time test to dismiss alarm (or flip to snooze)

Other features:
Looks stunning on devices right from QVGA through to high-res 10inch tablets, including the Nexus 7
Weather display adjusted to your location
Wake to your choice of radio/tones/speaking clock/your music
Alarm tones include dubstep, ambient beats and special 520hz alarm tone (proven to be more effective at waking deep sleepers)
Tap-for-time – tap the screen during the night and the phone will read out the current time
Slide finger to adjust brightness
Night-time airplane mode to avoid mobile signals affecting sleep
Alarm fail-safe includes fallback tones in case Internet radio can’t connect or selected song is not available
Alarm timer
Adjustable snooze time and number of snoozes allowed
Homescreen widget with display of next alarm
Alarm skip
Sleep science features including suggested nap time, in-app sleep tips, reaction time game to avoid sleep inertia, 520hz alarm sound and binaural beats.
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