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improve your apps by helping us test our in-app feedback platform

danielsdaniels Posts: 10New Users *
edited June 2013 in Ad Hoc Beta Testing
EDIT: added links to screenshots

We have rolled out a service for collecting and managing in-app feedback for iPhone apps, and we would like to collaborate with some developers to take this platform to the next level.

What you get: a plugin to embed into your application and access to a web portal where you can track incoming feedback and react to it as appropriate (there is a basic bugtrack-like workflow available). You are also able to follow up with feedback opener by posting back replies. The user is able to check back on what they previously submitted, and provide further if they choose to do so. All of this is going to be free for the foreseeable future for the initial pilot group we are putting together.

You will be able to steer users from venting in the app store and polluting your rating, towards a constructive and meaningful discussion of any issues they run into.

What we get: feedback from you as the developer on what works, what doesn't work, suggested new features and so forth. Bug reports and any other info that can make our service better.

Catches: there are no catches, but the service is in alpha, meaning that you most likely will not be able to use it to your satisfaction without major assistance on our part. So we expect there will be lots of troubleshooting and communication involved, particularly in the very early stages of our collaboration. There are no NDAs involved, and no strings attached--you are free to leave at any moment.

Platforms supported: iPhone only. iOS-wise, 6 is definitely supported, but we haven't yet tested it on earlier versions. Fundamentally, nothing prevents our plugin client from working downlevel, but there might be a few tweaks needed to produce a compatible binary.

If this sounds interesting, feel free to visit the home of this service at is a utility domain that is not representative of the final product name) for more information. If you'd like to sign up, you can PM me, or send email to [daniel][at][timefork][dot][com].

PS: You can find some screenshots of the current versions of the plugin on this page:

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  • dev666999dev666999 Posts: 3,632New Users @ @ @ @ @
    "You will be able to prevent users from venting in the app store and polluting your rating, and instead can have a constructive meaningful discussion with them about any issues they have."

    Good luck with that. These have been tried a million different ways, and from my not work.

    User tend to ignore them, and leave negative reviews anyway.
  • danielsdaniels Posts: 10New Users *
    edited June 2013
    Thanks. I completely agree that some users (maybe even a lot of them) will ignore this and go straight to the store to vent. Nonetheless, I it is fair to say that there exist users who go to the app page and leave critical comments only because there is no other channel available.

  • dev666999dev666999 Posts: 3,632New Users @ @ @ @ @
    We have a support button inside the app. Very easily accessible. We rarely get any questions or comments. But at the slightest problem, rather than use the support button, they'll drop a one star review.

    And ironically, many times for stuff that is their mistake.

    For example, if the button says NEXT, they won't press it and complain the app doesn't work ;)

  • danielsdaniels Posts: 10New Users *
    Would you be willing to share two more pieces of data (if needed, via PM): what is your ratio (# of comments and questions)/(# of 1 star reviews), and what type of application is this\what's the target audience? I want to put some numbers of the data point you're presenting to maybe better understand what's going on.
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