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Multiversi - A Digital Board Game for iOS

bradzeisbradzeis Posts: 1New Users
Multiversi is a multiplayer digital board game for iOS. Outsmart your friends – and foes – in a battle over control of the beautifully animated board.



The rules are simple:
  • Jump over spaces to capture them.
  • Aim for the key spaces. (They've got white outlines.)
  • Don't jump over your own color.
You can play with friends online using Game Center or on one device in an offline game.

Multiversi runs on iOS 6 and (soon) iOS 7 beta releases for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. We've been working on the game all summer and plan to release in August 2013.

Beta Testing

We're currently in the market for beta testers. Sign up through our Testflight if you're interested:
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