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Looking for beta testers for 25 apps

stock_hamstock_ham Posts: 7New Users Noob
edited September 2013 in Ad Hoc Beta Testing
How is everyone doing?
We are recruiting beta testers to try out 25 different apps.

<Participant Requirements>
-Resides in the United States or Japan
-Uses mobile apps regularly
-Prepared to give honest, and sincere feedback

-$10 Amazon Gift Card per test
-Number of Tests: 1 ~ 25

<Test Info>
-Test the app(s) for 15 ~ 20 minutes, then fill out a questionnaire with helpful detailed responses

<Recruitment Date>
September 11th ~ September 27th

*Selected users will be announced through Facebook and will be contacted separately through email

<How to Apply>
1) Like this Facebook page and this post
2) Click the link below, fill out a survey, and click Submit!
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