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iOS 6+7 Testers with non-4S iPhone-Models: Network Utility (Ping Monitor - Server Status)

mikumimikumi Posts: 0New Users Noob
Hello everybody,

I am looking for beta tester for the current version of Ping Monitor - Server Status. It's a monitoring tool to check your favorite websites and servers on the go. My goals have been to keep it as simple as possible and accurate.

My advantages over the competition in my opinion:

- Much easier to use
- More accurate than some of the competition
- Real-time continuous monitoring without the need to refresh
- Concurrent monitoring of multiple servers

What I am looking for:
I am specifically looking for testers with real devices who still have iOS 6 installed, or iOS 7 on any non-4S device. And also I am interested on iPhone 5S users (because of 64 Bit, even though that shouldnt pose a problem).

I am also interested very much in any feedback on how to improve the app.

I would love you to join the Beta team via Testflight:
Test user accounts will be provided upon registration.

Also, every beta tester will receive a promo code for free upgrading to the Pro Version upon release.

Thanks in advance,
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