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Anyone owns and use a Android Phone + iPad Combo?

MessigerMessiger SingaporePosts: 0New Users
Hi guys,

Looking for a copy of beta testers for my app that was borned from my own need.

I am a dual platform guy. I use a Samsung S4 mini (never liked big phones) and the newest iPad Mini Retina. I use my iPad mainly for all the variation of wonderful apps that feel better on iOS. The phone well is just a phone. (messaging, calling, emails). On weekends, on short walks, I take only my iPad out.

But as a dual platform guy, I started to miss my Phone calls and messages when I am on my iPad. I like to keep my phone plugged in charging because Android phones have worse battery life somehow.

So I had an idea to copy my Android Notifications to my iPad. I am in the ideas stage so if you have the same problem as me, would you like to sign up for the beta?
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