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Fincus-Let your fingers be more focused

EaseUsEaseUs ChinaPosts: 8New Users Noob
edited November 2014 in Ad Hoc Beta Testing
I'm glad to introduce you our pre-launch ios app :

How to make a hangout plan via text messages?
Traditional: Message > Yelp > Google Maps > Copy Address > Paste
Fincus: Message > Fincus


This is what fincus can do for you: let your fingers be more focused.

Fincus is an innovative lifesaver app,which can give you the fastest solution to make hangout plans with your friends and preset meet-up destinations through text messages.
No need to open any apps to figure out where you're going.
No need to even type.
All you need to do is choose a place from one of our categories or your own customized category.
We offer every easy opportunity to make friends and family closer.

Fincus is so close to being done and will be available for private beta testing around 14th, November.You can apply to join our beta now
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