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[BETA] Tower Duel - Real-time Multiplayer Tower Defense Action

MaxxKingMaxxKing GermanyPosts: 2New Users Noob
edited August 2017 in Ad Hoc Beta Testing
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Heya guys, we wanted to show off our game TowerDuel - it's an action-tower-defense game against real enemies in real time. We're currently beta testing this puppy so if you want - feel free to pop by and meet Maxx King: game-host-extraordinaire who's holographic wig and alcohol helps him battle his hair loss problem. The narcissistic streak doesn't hurt either.


In the future, there is no war. No politics, no voting, no courts. There is just TOWER DUEL- the most popular live TV show in the world, fulfilling the roles of lawmaker, judge and executioner all in one. It's a perfect model for couch potatoes to participate in politics without all that pesky voting nonsense, really. AND IT'S BLOODY SPECTACULAR...

Hosted by the enigmatic Maxx King, the man with a thousand hairdos, TOWER DUEL is the only thing people watch. The premise is simple - you build your base while also sending troops to attack the enemy fortifications. "It’s the best thing since sliced bread", said Maxx King, right after sacking the president of the US over some twitter remarks, "It's reality TV, court drama, politics and monster truck racing all in one."

Main Features
- Play against real-life opponents in an epic, interactive stadium with countless variations
- Choose up to 5 Towers and 5 Units for your Deck
- Collect 24 different tower and unit cards with 3 boost stages each
- Create unique towers and units through a groundbreaking level up selection process
- Analyze your recent matches with the Replay Function where you can also learn from experienced players
- Climb up the ladder of ten leagues and become the Tower Duel World Champion
- Game Balancing is done automatically via an award-winning technology





About Us
We are a newly founded Games Company, Forest Ring Games, developing mobile games with strong focus on competitive play, appealing to both casual and core players. Tower Duel will be our first game with many more to come :cool:

Check out if you want to know more or write us here.

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