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Smasher needs beta testers for a game!

smashersmasher Posts: 3,859Registered Users @ @ @ @ @
edited August 2009 in Ad Hoc Beta Testing
CLOSED Thanks everyone!

If you've ever thought "Smasher sure posts a lot for a guy with two simple apps..." now is your chance to see what's cooking in my secret lab.

I need 10-12 beta testers to check out a casual zombie-shooting game. This is testing, not reviews, so expect some unbalanaced and unfinished levels.

In return you get a "Tester:" credit in the game's credits, and I'll answer questions you ask about how everything works, level formats, my art/sound production pipeline, maybe post some source code too.

Use BetaHelper to get your phone's UUID. Then PM that info to me, and I'll send you a beta version of the game.
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(I'm not affiliated with BetaHelper, but it's an easy way to get your UUID)

I'll send you an ad-hoc build this week. An hour of so of playing should give me the data I need. OS 2.2 or higher required.

Thanks much!
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