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Beta Tester needed for a Phone Application (low cost calls)

FC-Mobile BetaFC-Mobile Beta Posts: 1New Users
edited August 2009 in Ad Hoc Beta Testing
We need 25 beta testers (worldwide) to check out our iPhone Application "Cheaper Calls" that will allow to call normally with a lower price than your Mobile Operator especially International calls.

The application is finalized and ready to be sent to Apple for validation.
(Tested only on iPhone 3G & 3GS).
The application is compatible only with firmware 3.0/3.0.1

If you are interested in testing this application, thanks to send us at or

- Your UUID
- Your country

The application is available in English and French.

We will send you an ad-hoc build asap and you will send us your comments.

In return you will be able to call your friends freely :) (Domestic/International).
Of course, the number of minutes is limited.

For retrieving the UUID, check in previous messages of this forum.

Thanks a lot

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