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Ad Hoc install & upgrading

neilkachuneilkachu Posts: 39Registered Users
edited November 2009 in Ad Hoc Beta Testing
Hi ,

Im about to go into beta testing for my app.
I have beta testers that already have v1.0 of the app so Ill be sending them v1.1 via adhoc.
Now it will upgrade fine via this route (Ive tested this user flow) and does what I expect of a normal App Store upgrade, and their v1.0 userDirectory is retained.

Now these users that have ad hoc v1.1 will they be:

a) able to upgrade to AppStore v1.1 ( I assume not)
b) when 1.2 comes out will it upgrade as normal and become AppStore v1.2? ie the Ad Hoc cert will no longer be required.

Each user has quite lot of stored data in their userDirectory so I want to certain this will be retained when going from appstore>adhoc and back

Any experience with this would be useful,

Cheers, Neil
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