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Testers Needed for Game: Scurvy Diver

kalxkalx Posts: 91Registered Users @
edited February 2010 in Ad Hoc Beta Testing
Hello everyone, we are in the testing phase of our iPhone game release and we are looking for 5-10 beta testers to play the game and give us feedback on bugs, improvements and anything you think is important.

If you're interested in becoming a beta tester, please apply here:
Beta Tester Application

All testers who provide feedback will receive a promo code for the app upon release to the App Store, and possibly promo codes for future apps as well.

Scurvy Diver

In Scurvy Diver, you take on the role of a treasure hunting pirate! Dive to the bottom of the ocean, grab treasure, and return it to your ship. Sound easy? You'll have to dodge sharks, dolphins, crabs, and other animals in order to safely earn your keep!

Beware of bosses.
Killer Orcas, Sperm Whales, and Demon Fish will challenge you along the way. You'll have to defeat them in order to continue your search for more treasure.

- Dive into multiple worlds each with its own unique set of enemies and bosses.
- Special Perks/items to help you on your journey
- Achievement system to unlock additional perks
- Leveling system to increase your character's speed, health, and more.

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