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Full Screen Vs. Banner Ads

poisendenpoisenden Posts: 225Registered Users @ @
I am deciding whether to integrate PlayHaven's full screen ad tools into my game or Apple's iAd. Does one have a better chance of success? My game is a simple tilting game and the only time to show a full screen ad is if the game gets stuck and you reset it. It's a one screen game. Any ideas?
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  • esotericesoteric Posts: 617Registered Users @ @ @
    If it's just a 1 screen game I would go with the Banner ads simply because if users are spending hours in your game they will see multiple different ads (and hopefully accidentally click them ;) ) vs just seeing 1 at the beginning.

    You could also put both if you wanted to as well, depends on your preference.
    - 1 time full screen ad when you start the app.
    - Small banner ads while they are playing.
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