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Best House Ad Solution

CraigInDallasCraigInDallas Posts: 28Registered Users
I have a client that is selling ad space in the app we are building for him.

So this will be a 100% House Ad situation.

I am looking for the best way to accommodate the following:

1. Universal app. (iPhone and iPad)
2. Banner and Full screen ads
3. Page level ad selection (eg.. Sponsor "A" buys the ad on the "About Us" page)

The docs for Adwhirl are pretty crappy, and it looks like the forum is almost inactive. So your input is GREATLY appreciated.



  • TrybiusTrybius Posts: 57Registered Users @
    I've just rolled mopub into one of our apps.
    Now I'll start by saying that I haven't gone live with that app, so I can't comment on their reliability etc, however I have heard good things about them from other developers.

    Most importantly for you, they allow you to control house ads based on the individual sizes you want. So you can start an ad campaign for iPad Letterbox, iPad Fullscreen, iPhone Fullscreen and even a custom size, and have different house ads for each.
    I also believe (although I haven't had a chance to play with it yet) they allow you to build custom animated house ads.

    For point 2, you just select the correct mopub IDs to use for your ads based on which device you detect.

    For point 3, you could setup separate ad campaigns, and initiate multiple instances of the mopub control, and hide / show based on which page you were on. Then you would still have server side control of which ads were shown on each page.

    But I would be hesitant to not have a persistent ad spot throughout the screens, just so the user doesn't have the annoyance of an ad that changes every 3 seconds based on their usage.

  • CraigInDallasCraigInDallas Posts: 28Registered Users
    Thanks a Lot, looks good so far.
  • mochibitsmochibits Posts: 361New Users @ @
    Check out Chartboost.
  • MybestappyetMybestappyet Posts: 19New Users
    Chart boost gets u the highest ecpms when using popups.
  • chrismaddernchrismaddern New York, NYPosts: 30New Users @
    I have had great experiences with AdMob's house ad functionality -
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  • CraigInDallasCraigInDallas Posts: 28Registered Users
    Thanks everyone
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