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Why do I have an eCPM of $0.02 - $0.04?

bberger91bberger91 Posts: 4New Users

I recently released my first iPhone app in the app store. I integrated banner ads through Adwhirl with Admob and iAD. ( I know I need full page ads and so I think I'll be switching to Chartboost for banner ads and RevMob for full page ads in my next version - this is what I have gathered from other forums on here)

I noticed after a day or two that iAD had brought me in $0.00 so I switched Admob to take on 100% of ads. However my eCPM is way too low with them as well.

After a week, there have been about 50,000 requests with a fill rate of 99.98% fill rate. I have earned $1.18 so far.

Why is my eCPM so low with Admob? And how can I get it higher?

Also do you recommend using Chartboost for banner ads and RevMob for full page in the future?

Any other advice on how I should set up ads would be greatly appreciated.

If interested in seeing how my game plays out and how ads are currently integrated, game is called "Pixel Game" and currently only runs on iPhone 4 and 5 with iOS 6 or better.

Link is.... [removed]

Thank you so much for helping me out here! I look forward to "seeing" you guys around.

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