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Do Pay-with-tweet IAPs conform to Apple guidelines?

Hi everyone, could you please help me out? I'm not sure if I understand Apple Review Guidelines correctly.

Section 11 (Purchasing and currencies) says that 1. I can unlock new features for a user only with App Store mechanisms and 2. Content can only be purchased with in-apps.

As far as I understand, if I don't charge users, I can unlock new features when a user tweets or presses Like button or something like that. But I can only use App Store mechanisms. Am I right? Implementing these features could be great for word of mouth, but I'm afraid that Apple will reject the app.

Yes, I know that there are thousands of apps which give coins, feature packs and whatnot for tweets and likes. But does Apple actually approve it or just lets it slip?

I tried googling and searching the forum, but I didn't find an answer. If you could point me to where I can find it, I'd be really grateful.

Thank you all!


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