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Quebec Tax Form FP2506-V - do I need to register for a GST QST number if I am in Quebec?

queenvolequeenvole CanadaPosts: 4New Users Noob

My App has been approved but my status is now ''Pending Contract''

There are two forms available to me one from Canada and one from Quebec.
The two forms are ca_form_FP2506v.pdf and ca_form_GST506.pdf

It appears I have to mail this in (snail mail) to Apple.

I live in Quebec, do I need to register for a QST and GST number?

My app dev is under INDIVIDUAL although my name is registered in the NEQ but it is simply an individual registration.

Can anyone provide light on this process.



  • queenvolequeenvole CanadaPosts: 4New Users Noob
    I will answer my own question so as to help someone else.

    Here is what I found out:

    If you reside in Quebec, you need to fill in the form for Canada, the form for Quebec and the form for the US.

    You need to mail in both the form for Quebec and Canada (snail mail).

    If you are an individual developer and do not own a company, you do not need to provide a GST or QST or MRQ number.

  • christiantelemaquechristiantelemaque CanadaPosts: 1New Users Noob
    Thanks that help me.
    Can you help me with the part C-purpose of election.
    what box you recommend me to check?
    and for the anticipated average value per quart how should i know what value fill out?
    thank you
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