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Share on Facebook to unlock bonus level. Is it legal according to App Store rules?

danibxdanibx Posts: 3New Users Noob

I am about to launch a free app with IAP. I would like to know if my App would be rejected if I implement the following feature.
1.) I would give 3 levels completely free of charge to my users.
2.) If the user shared the App on Facebook, I would give another 3 levels for free.
3.) To unlock all levels the user would have to use IAP, what would unlock all levels, including those that are unlockable via facebook share.

Would my app be refused?


  • RickSDKRickSDK Posts: 1,240Registered Users @ @ @ @
    I don't see why not. its your app. you can unlock levels however you want.
  • chemistrychemistry Posts: 544Registered Users @ @ @
    well Candy crush is doing it
  • ziocletoziocleto Posts: 1,107Registered Users @ @ @ @
    We did it few years back, the problem back them was that there was no way of confirming from FB that the user actually shared the post. Basically no callback was provided whether the user would have done it or not. I remember at some point FB said: we don't want you to abuse it so we are not going to return any callback to you.

    I guess you can say: I don't care if the user would actually share it or not, as many people will do it anyway as they won't know that you cannot check if you've shared it or not.

    If that has changed (probably) then good for you, use it! :)
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  • AbsentiaAbsentia Posts: 290Registered Users @ @
    Technically, this is not allowed by Facebook -

    1. "You must not incentivize users to use (or gate content behind the use of) Facebook social channels, or imply that an incentive is directly tied to the use of our channels."

    ...but I imagine it's pretty easy to get away with
  • CowlinnCowlinn Posts: 358Registered Users @ @
    I think this will be rejected for unlocking additional features in an inappropriate way. I tried unlocking levels in exchange for the uers email address and it was rejected. They'll say you should use In app purchase

    When the guidelines are back up I'll dig out the exact section for you
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