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How much do you make selling apps?



  • esotericesoteric Posts: 617Registered Users @ @ @
    @maurrubio we're you making a good amount of money before being featured on that TV show?
    Ever get featured by Apple?
  • StormFactoryStormFactory Posts: 49Registered Users @
    @Brod1 You start your post off talking only about your age and then say don't mention your age in responses. That doesn't make sense does it? With that said, I'm going to talk about your age because it's a huge factor in whether now is the time for you to dive into making apps.

    The simple answer is YES. YOU SHOULD MAKE APPS! You have no mortgage, no car payment, no bills to pay, no kids to feed, or wife to take care of. Your parents give you an allowance. You don't need to make money. You want to make money. There is the huge difference because there is no pressure for you to be financially successful.

    In terms of how much you can make and whether it will be worth it for you to pursue, don't look at the short term. This is not a sprint. It's a long marathon. The knowledge you gain from being able to make your own apps will have a major impact on your options in life and business when you get older. There will be zero downside from you gaining this type of knowledge.

    Apps are the future. Think about everybody in school walking around playing your game or using your app. If you make smart decisions, you could be the richest, coolest, and most popular 16 year old in your school.

    Don't think that because a few people aren't making that much money, that there is no more money to be made. Don't think about the 700,000+ apps in the App Store because that's not your competition. You really want to educate yourself and get inspired? Go to YouTube and subscribe to Casual Connect and watch the Casual Connect videos from TapJoy, Chartboost, and BigFish. They breakdown how much they make and how they make it and those companies are making TONS of money. There is nothing stopping you from becoming that successful.

    In the immediate future, I can tell you this much, the $99 you spend to become a developer will easily be made back within the 1 year period. I think with very little effort, you can make more per month than you would ever get for allowance.

    If you were my 14 year old kid, I would be very proud of you.
  • StormFactoryStormFactory Posts: 49Registered Users @
    brod1 wrote: »
    JonPM wrote: »
    Just double check one thing: I have heard from other young developers that they had to use their parent's information in order to sell apps because they were too young to sign the contracts. This might depend on what country you live in.
    I'll definitely need to look into that and see what the rules are.
    The rules are you can't sign and enter into a legally binding agreement until you are 18 years old. Until then, one of your parents will have to sign all of your contracts and open the bank accounts and PayPal accounts.

    @aamontree - Why would you pull your apps from the store?

  • maurrubiomaurrubio Posts: 41New Users @
    edited October 2013
    esoteric wrote: »
    @maurrubio we're you making a good amount of money before being featured on that TV show?
    Ever get featured by Apple?

    When the app was featured on the TV show the sales increased a lot specially in the UK, it was a bit boost for a week or something, it was the month I made more money I guess, after that it came back to "normal" just slightly better than before, and the numbers continue to increase little by little over time.

    Unfortunately I never got featured by Apple :(

    Also now I have a problem, I have a new version prepared for the iOS7 with some new features but I'm avoiding updating it as I will lose all those reviews/stars that I got, the app has 5 stars in many countries, Apple sucks hard.
  • brod1brod1 VirginiaPosts: 26New Users @
    @StormFactory - Thanks for the words of encouragement! Ha ha now I see that what I said in the first post doesn't make complete sense. And I guess I will need to practice a "marathon" mentality and remember I'm building experience instead of wanting to see success on the first month.

    And I'm sure that when I'm ready to get the developers license my parents will be happy to put it in their name.
  • aamontreeaamontree Posts: 17New Users *
    @StormFactory The apps that I'm considering pulling are hardly generating revenue and I'd rather pull them then support their development for iOS 7 and beyond
  • StormFactoryStormFactory Posts: 49Registered Users @
    @aamontree It's not about revenue. It's about reach. If you have downloads for those games, those people are potential users of your future apps and games. You can send Push Notifications or cross promote your new games to your current userbase which is better than starting from zero.
  • aamontreeaamontree Posts: 17New Users *
    @StormFactory True. I had not thought about that.
  • Wilbor9Wilbor9 BrazilPosts: 34New Users @
    Just like you I have a little doubt that, I'm new in the world of development for iOS and always wanted to compare my results with people who already have some time, would strengthen the claim that the gang forum to share information when making monthly .
  • Wilbor9Wilbor9 BrazilPosts: 34New Users @
    To me that recently started desevolver apps there are two main points:

    1 - Create some applications such as training , think of something simple and do , then think about something more advanced you like to do and make , and take these their apps as a way to test and know the market , you probably will not earn much money but with these apps is just for training.
    When you have enough knowledge to , make an app that you really want something done for you , of course without forgetting to look for other people who have a need like yours.

    2 - For me the key to success is to do something GOOD , something you do like you're doing just for you . One of the biggest problems of the App Store apps is the amount of trash it because developers do not want to do something good or do not make much money with some particular application start creating several at the same time and thus slightly increase your profits . This not only disturbs them but also hinders everyone because it creates unnecessary market saturation .
  • Max915Max915 Orem, UtahPosts: 2New Users Noob
    Hi everyone I really haven't read everything on here but I have read a few comments. I am also pretty young (16), and very interested in software engineering / programming. I hope to be a software engineer when I graduate college. I have made 2 apps

    myApps = {
    1= "Super Pooper",
    2= "Not Circles",

    so far they are both available on GOOGLE PLAY and only Super Pooper is available on the APP STORE, but Not Circles will be available in a couple of days for the APP STORE. I am currently working on my third app and I'm anxious to see it hit number one in the APP STORE cause I know it will, hmm possibly Not Circles as well. I guess it will ha, either way I like making apps cause its fun and hey if I can make money off of it I am stoked to get some moohlah.

    I program on a MACBOOK PRO its coolio. So basically I created Super Pooper for fun then realized it was a simple idea yet complicated with graphics. This is when I realized it will never be a top seller I only have 1.23k installs for Super Pooper. I know apps like this won't succeed because they are simple yet complex. If you are going to make an app it either has to be simple and simple or complex and complex. Take for example Stay In The Line. Such a simple game with simple black and white graphics made within the programming. This is simple simple. I guess Modern, graphic wise. Then you look at Clash of Clans and say Candy Crush. These games are complex complex. They are big games with many buttons and levels and saves and then the graphics are complex and popping out. This may sound very weird but it makes sense to me this is why I think Not Circles and my next app will succeed greatly. Simple Simple. They are enough to keep the user engaged yet not engaged.

    Well Anyway Im Nelson! Max Nelson!
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