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App update rejected for core functionality of original version.

TBrass84TBrass84 TXPosts: 21New Users @
I have an app in the AppStore called 'Love Coupon Builder'. The main purpose of the app is for the user to create a coupon that can be sent as an image, or even added to Passbook, as a fun personal coupon generator. The app was approved in February of 2013, updated in March 2013, and again in March 2014. I recently submitted another version, which was rejected for:

Your app uses Passbook Passes for personal coupons, which is not an approved usage of Passbook Passes.

Please revise your app to remove the Passbook Pass or modify the Pass to comply with the approved usages for Passbook Passes.

For more information on Passbook Passes, please see Getting Started with Passbook.

Does this seem ridiculous, as it was approved 3 prior times over the last 15 months, each version had the capability to make a personal coupon pass?


  • TBrass84TBrass84 TXPosts: 21New Users @
    I did that. They wrote back:
    Hello Tyler,

    We are writing to let you know the results of your appeal for your app, Love Coupon Builder.

    The App Review Board evaluated your app and determined that the original rejection feedback for the current version of your app is valid. Your app does not comply with:

    23.1: Passbook Passes can be used to make or receive payments, transmit offers or offer identification (such as movie tickets, airline tickets, coupons and reward offers). Other uses may result in the rejection of the app and the revocation of Passbook credentials.

    We found using Passbook to create and send personal passes is not appropriate.

    Therefore, your app will not be posted to the App Store at this time.

    We hope you will consider making the necessary changes to be in compliance with the App Store Review Guidelines and will resubmit your revised binary.

    Best regards,
    App Review Board
  • panzeritipanzeriti United StatesPosts: 769Registered Users @ @ @
    This is not uncommon, as I have read here and also experienced for myself updates being hosed for existing functionality and/or metadata. Sucks.
  • TBrass84TBrass84 TXPosts: 21New Users @
    I know that if I resubmit it, I could very well get a different reviewer, but I have found that reviewers will look at notes from previous reviews, and generally will reject a second time, simply because they saw in the notes that it was rejected once before. Just makes me mad that for 15 months this app has supported pass
  • TBrass84TBrass84 TXPosts: 21New Users @
    And now it the 10,000 users are stuck with the bugs that the existing version has, because they decide to enforce something that they have let slide for 3 versions in 15 months.
  • panzeritipanzeriti United StatesPosts: 769Registered Users @ @ @
    Ya, pretty crappy way of doing things.
  • TBrass84TBrass84 TXPosts: 21New Users @
    I still had the contact # for a member of App Review team from an issue some time back with different app. Called her and she is investigating further, cause she is confused why an update would be rejected for same features in prior 3 versions.
  • TBrass84TBrass84 TXPosts: 21New Users @
    Here is an update for this...after they reviewed the app again they determined the rejection was valid. Not only did they determine this, but they determined the first 3 versions of the app should have NEVER been approved due to support for Passbook for making personal coupons. To make matters worst, instead of just rejecting the update, they told me that if I did not submit an update to REMOVE the existing Passbook features, they would pull the app altogether from the AppStore. And this was an app that made top 50 this Valentine's Day in Entertainment.
  • esotericesoteric Posts: 617Registered Users @ @ @
    I may not be in the majority here but you should be happy that you at least got to have your app on the store for that long (since technically it wasn't supposed to be approved at all).

    Either way it does suck but at least you just have to remove the passbook feature.
  • AceMobAceMob Posts: 339New Users @ @
    Wait did they pull the existing version?
  • TBrass84TBrass84 TXPosts: 21New Users @
    They have not pulled the existing version, but they told me that if I didn't soon submit an update to remove Passbook support, they would be forced to pull it.
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