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Apple 30% Commission for funding campaigns via Crowdfunding App

lisaklisak KeralaPosts: 1New Users Noob
We have a crowd funding site which accepts payments via a payment gateway. We are also building an ios & Android app for the same service and is nearly complete.

The mobile app has a sign up button, by which users can create accounts. Once logged in, the user (investor) can fund a project/campaign they are interested in. Signup is free but payment is required when an user wants to fund a campaign.

We hope to integrate this using Paypal Adaptive Payments (Mobile SDK) or open a webview and redirect the investor to the web site's payment gateway to fund the campaign.
I have read the 'Purchasing & Currencies' section in the App store review guidelines but am still unclear.

My question is: >>

1. Will we have to pay a 30% commission to Apple for each investment, made by an investor through the crowd funding app?

2. Can the non-payment of the 30% commission cause our iOS app to be rejected by Apple?

3. I understand Indiegogo, a popular crowd funding service with an ios app uses Apple Pay. If we don't have to pay a commission for every transaction, can we still use Apple Pay as a payment gateway for our crowdfunding iOS app?
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