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Remaining Apple Schedule of Payment 2016



  • kenGkenG NCPosts: 1New Users Noob
    @CoDEFRo Thanks for posting the updated pay schedule. I hope you're right and the new pay period will be 24 days instead of 33 days. I know the fiscal calendar from Apple shows Jan. 17 is a 5 week month but did you notice that the payment date drop down in ITC shows Jan. 17 as a 4 week month ending on the 28th? I wonder which one is correct. oxynge1yy90t.png
  • CoDEFRoCoDEFRo Posts: 645New Users @ @ @
    @kenG Ah didn't notice that, you're right. I would put money on the calendar being right as sometimes the data in Payments and Financial Reports is kind of wonky.
  • dev666999dev666999 Posts: 3,628New Users @ @ @ @ @
    OK, doing some digging, here's the reason for the change. It is an accounting smoke and mirrors trick to smooth out the iPhone revenues for the December quarter. Apple wants to make sure that Xmas sales are reflected in the December quarter, which would not be the case if the original end date for that quarter was December 24, 2016. Hence the change to December 31. Apple has to keep Wall Street happy. Lower sales, would reflect badly on the company and its products.

    Here's a link that will give you all the details.
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