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Anyone tried appodeal on iOS ?


Anyone on this forum has tried appodeal. It looks good mediation network. I have read lots of positive thing about them on android but I can't find anything on iOS ?

Can anyone share their review about appodeal ?

Thanks in advance.


  • EccsEccs Posts: 3New Users Noob
    I've been using them since about Feburary 2016, for both iOS and Android.

    Appodeal is really good if:
    1. You have no mediation / weak mediation setup
    2. North of ~5000 impressions per day per app.
    3. Don't want to manage relations with many ad networks (payout thresholds, dashboards etc.)

    My mediation setup prior to Appodeal was Admob and Facebook. I have about 60 networks going via Appodeal - I would say maybe.. 30-35% of impressions are now going to different networks (and ultimately serving for better eCPM).. additionally it puts pressure on Admob to perform better.

    To point #3 -- Appodeal acts as a central payment for all these networks.. with the exception of Admob and Facebook, which handle payments directly instead of through Appodeal. If you were to earn money through .. say AdColony, Appodeal will pay you on behalf of AdColony, you don't need an account with AdColony to earn money from them. IMO its one of the best features as managing a huge amount of networks can become cumbersome.

    They also have an immediate payout option for 2% of the payout -- I've used that option twice and both times it worked fine, but I'm generally fine with their normal payment schedule.

    + They have every major ad network working
    + You do not need to interact with majority of these networks to get paid.
    + Good support system (message any time via instant messenger on their platform)
    + Optimal eCPM, but it needs volume to optimize... if you have < 5000 imp. day, it might not be worth it
    + Implementation is easy. For iOS, their "fat sdk" makes it super straight forward.
    + Can handle all ad formats (including native!) on iOS.

    - I think their native company language is Russian( maybe? ), the translation to English in their docs is not great. If English is your main languages, it comes across as a bit unprofessional.. puts you on edge if you are coming from Google-land where everything is super polished.

    - Admob setup is great (and the first step.) Facebook setup is bad (well - not stream lined). If you want to use FB, talk to the support staff to help you set it up.

    - The SDK is big.. double edge sword here.. more ad networks, but pretty big app size too.

    - I outright hate their cross promotion interface and setup-- its super tedious to use.. just use AdMob.

    - Their dashboard will get you all the info you want, but it does feel a bit clunky. Google has spoiled me.

    All in all, I like their solution and hope their company grows.

    I think they are having a killer year ... they are a platinum sponser at Casual Connect this year:

    Shameless plug:
    If you sign up via that link, I get a referral bonus.

    - Eccs
  • molokoplusmolokoplus AUPosts: 6New Users Noob
    I also use appodeal for about 1,5 year. it performs really good + they provide access not only to major ad networks, but also to RTB, DSP platforms in one account and analyze the traffic and performance in each demand source automatically, this helps to spread ad impressions effectively. Another cool thing is their flexible payout system, immediate payouts are available. To sum up i’d recommend them, btw their support team is really super helpful.
  • dobrydobry Posts: 302Registered Users @ @
    edited December 2016
    What RPM has appodeal? Admob is at about $0.25, what is really bad, 1 year ago it was $1.05 (for 320x50 banner).
  • CasperisFriendlyCasperisFriendly CaliforniaPosts: 4New Users Noob
    Hey there! Definitely available for use on iOS. (Full disclosure: I work at Appodeal as part of the Publisher Success team.)

    @Eccs provided a really great breakdown! Just wanted to chime in on a couple of things.

    It's possible to lighten the SDK load based on which ad types/networks you're interested in. Once the system ramps up and optimizes the ad stack, we can see which networks just aren't providing returns and remove them. The same applies to ad types you're not interested in using.

    You're right about the founding team being from Russia! Our technical team is the best. We're working on improving documentation and processes as time goes on - that includes updating the dashboard (and features like the cross-promo interface) as well. Hopefully early next year for the dashboard update! Wish we could streamline the Facebook process a bit more but...what can ya do.

    Long story short - we work basically the same way on both iOS and Android :)

    @dobry, it really depends on your particular app(s). If you're willing to tell me more about your app(s) (top geos, to begin with), I could help out with some numbers.

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