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AdMob alternatives

Martin8Martin8 Posts: 24New Users @

I'm looking for alternatives to Google AdMob, that supply my apps with banner and interstitial ads. Not only ad mediation solutions, but also alternatives that pay you directly.

Is there anything specific you can recommend?

What about the following platforms?
- MoPub
- Startapp
- Appnext
- Smaato

Any experiences/recommendations? Other/better alternatives? Are their eCPM's similar to AdMob's?

Thank you!


  • EccsEccs Posts: 3New Users Noob
    See Appodeal thread. Appodeal uses all networks including Admob.

    Admob is industry leading for banner ads, so Appodeal will typically serve quite a bit of Admob impressions still.
  • astersdoastersdo USAPosts: 640New Users @ @ @
    edited March 2017
    3 second Unity video ads work best for me. I mute them so as not to annoy the players too much. eCPM around $5.
    Amazon Interstitials are good too as you get paid regardless of whether anybody ever clicks on them. Around $2 to $3 eCPM for me.
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