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Apple to allow developers to respond to reviews?

CoDEFRoCoDEFRo Posts: 603New Users @ @ @
I'm hearing this will be a change 10.3. If so, good move Apple.


  • bw748bw748 Posts: 99Registered Users @
    It's a good step, but at this point, the iOS app market is in decline (especially for many indie developers) due to market saturation and the hugely decreasing number of brand new iOS users. Apple is throwing devs a bone, but it's almost too little, too late.
  • Crichton333Crichton333 Posts: 262Registered Users @ @
    Quite alot of reviews for sticker apps are "this app says installed but it doesnt show up anywhere on my phone". There was a nice post about it on twitter but pretty much developers can now reply to this and not get a ton of 1 stars and refunds.
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  • astersdoastersdo USAPosts: 498New Users @ @
    It's possible that once you start replying to reviews it will become never ending. Your customers might come to expect replies and use it for questions etc. They will expect instant answers ;) Also what to do about the Troll reviews? I have one guy that has left the same one star review for at least the last 20 updates. I'll have to be very careful with my replies to such as him. Minefield :)
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