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some fake reviews removed

sparksosparkso Posts: 567Registered Users @ @ @
Previously I got alot of 1-star fake reviews for one of my apps , probably by competitors. I saw them all disappeared today and my app's ranking bumped slightly higher, I'm glad that apple is taking action on this.
Note: I never wrote to apple complaining about those reviews though.


  • dev666999dev666999 Posts: 3,632New Users @ @ @ @ @
    edited February 2017
    Now if they would just remove all those 5 star fake reviews, then everything would be balanced. I am not referring to your app. I am referring in general, to all those faked 5 star reviews that give most apps a statistically impossible 4.5-5 star overall rating.

    Yep, tons of those floating around...
  • astersdoastersdo USAPosts: 640New Users @ @ @
    I don't use fake reviews, but when you see so many other apps using them you start to feel foolish.
  • bellissimobellissimo Posts: 231Registered Users @ @
    How is a 4.5 rating statistically impossible? A 5.5 rating maybe :smile:
  • indie_devindie_dev baliPosts: 24New Users @
    good news it they really take actions on fake reviews...
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