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Now you can't change description / whats new once app is approved

This makes sense if description will be part of ASO. Lets wait and watch :)


  • dev666999dev666999 Posts: 3,632New Users @ @ @ @ @
    edited March 2017
    That sucks. But that's Apple for you.

    With every tightening rule, we can hear Tim Cook's *sshole pucker.

    Yeah, so much joy. ;)
  • iekeiiekei Posts: 614Registered Users @ @ @
    I just edited a What's New field and saved it. Also, the story is incorrect about screenshots. Until a few years ago it was possible to change screenshots at any time.
  • anappdev2anappdev2 Posts: 104New Users @ @
    Hmm Looks like it's reverted back. Few hours back description / whats new were not editable. :/
    I remember when you could even update the screenshots. Few developers abused it and Apple removed the functionality for everyone.
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