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Competitor buying duplicate 5 star reviews for my app? What to do?

coorscoors Posts: 1New Users Noob
I have a niche app that only has a couple competitors. One competitor has been clearly buying large amounts of 5 star reviews for his own apps as they are heavily keyword stuffed and 40 will show up over two days after an update then none for weeks.... so super obv.. whatever...

The issue now is that he started purchasing 5 star reviews for my app, but has been duplicating them. So he would buy two 5 star reviews that are also heavily keyword stuffed but the title and content of the two reviews would be exactly the same! He keeps rinsing and repeating this process daily.

I can only assume he is trying to make it look as though I am purchasing fake reviews in an attempt to get Apple to ban my account or something. What should I do? How can I report this piece of shit to Apple? Will they even care?

P.S. I have reported devs fake reviews to Apple many times without any response. That's why I am asking if there is a better channel I can go through?


  • CoDEFRoCoDEFRo Posts: 645New Users @ @ @
    Wow this is devious on another level. Definitely report it to Apple so you can get yourself on record. Wouldn't know what else to tell you, maybe someone else does.
  • bellissimobellissimo Posts: 215Registered Users @ @
    The guy sounds like an idiot. Not satisfied with blatant abuse of reviews, he then blatantly spams his competitors too and therefore greatly increases his chances of being banned. Reporting it to Apple runs the risk of them then investigating your account, but at least you would get in first.
  • raymngraymng Posts: 2,047Registered Users @ @ @ @
    Report to Apple immediately, I know there are many people doing this now.. posting 5stars reviews, then report to Apple, so Apple ban your account. This is very bad..
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