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sparksosparkso Posts: 567Registered Users @ @ @
So i am sure some of you guys had came across some apps where it asks your to rate the app and you can choose from 1-5 star WITHIN the app first. If you choose 5 stars, you get redirected to the app store, and if you choose 1-4 stars it brings out the email sheet to ask you give feedbacks via email instead.

I tried implementing the same and recently got rejected for obvious reasons. I was doubting if it can actually go through when i first submitted the update too.

But today i came across a game that I had been playing for a while and it is doing the exact same thing. The game is Narcos, and even worst they mislead you to give 5 star by putting up a picture to ask you to choose wisely . The photo shows a 5-star or a 1-4 star sicario which some players might think that if you rate 5-star you might be able to get that 5-star sicario after rating the app....

Just ranting, nothing much. meh.


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