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What does your Mopub waterfall look like?

1337Skittles1337Skittles Posts: 158Registered Users @ @
I'm probably several years late in asking this, but figure better late than never. How many line items do you have in a single order? How many networks do you have in your waterfall competing against one another? By how much do you space the floor price for each line item in your waterfall?

I feel like if you have too many line items, then you run the risk of timing out an ad request and having no ad served for that request. I also only have a couple networks in a single order, but about a dozen or so line items - so some networks repeat. So I'll have something like:

1. Admob floor price $0.50
2. Admob floor price $0.40
3. Audience network $0.30
10. Marketplace $0.05

Which I partly feel is wrong because I'll have the same network back to back multiple times with a different floor price. Having a network compete with itself sounds wrong. Also, looking at this - how far apart do you space out each line item? In my example I space each out by 10 cents.

My "estimated" revenue on the mopub home page is always higher than actual earnings, so I can't help but feel I'm not configuring something right.
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