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Uploaded Build not found on itunesconnect activity

sparksosparkso Posts: 565Registered Users @ @ @
I uploaded a new build today and it showed up briefly in activity as processing .
But then later on when i check, it disappeared.
Usually this mean i missed some keys in plist and i would have gotten an email saying so.
But this time i don't see that email and I am pretty sure i don't have missing plist privacy keys.

Anyone seeing the same?


  • dinglefacedingleface Posts: 182New Users @ @
    Your build is missing something that it needs like a privacy description, icon, or something else. iTunesConnect has been having some problems lately where the build validates even though it's not valid and refuses to send emails like it usually does when something is wrong.

    Unfortunately that means you will have to fumble around in the dark in your project until you discover what is missing on your own.
  • sparksosparkso Posts: 565Registered Users @ @ @
    apparently, it was just a delay itunes delay.
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