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Has anybody received the July 2017 financial reports yet ?

twernertwerner Posts: 460New Users @ @
I only got the reports for CLP,CZK,ILS, PLN yet, all others are missing, anybody else too ?

Shouldn't they be out at at the first week of August ?

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  • ethanwaethanwa Orlando, FLPosts: 733Registered Users @ @ @
    I haven't gotten all of mine either. Anyone else seeing the same issue?
  • ethanwaethanwa Orlando, FLPosts: 733Registered Users @ @ @
    edited August 29
    My reports just came in, and all my money is showing, but there is no payment date.... it says "Balance Carried Forward". I hope to god I still get paid on time on September 7th... I have bills to pay!
  • iekeiiekei Posts: 594Registered Users @ @ @
    All mine came through weeks ago.
  • twernertwerner Posts: 460New Users @ @
    Mine appeared yesterday too...
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