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AdMob - how many full screen video ads will someone need to watch to make $3.99?

cgokeycgokey Posts: 14Registered Users *
I've got a subscription based App, I charge $3.99 for one month use of the services. Avg Daily use of the App is around 7mins per user according to Google Analytics, but usage varies, some use it for a couple minutes day, some for hours.

So my question is I'm thinking about offering an option for users to get the full featured app without having to pay the $3.99. How many full screen video ads will one have to see in a month period of time to make this in ads revenue?

Thanks in advance,


  • anappdev2anappdev2 Posts: 104New Users @ @
    There are many variables involved (which ad network, whether payement is based on taps, installs or views etc.) . In simple terms it depends on eCPM and which in turn depends on number of users. If eCPM is $3.99 then 1000 ads.
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