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Revenue impact of iOS11 App Store

iOS11 is around 20% adoption at the time of this post, so far I'm not seeing much difference in downloads for paid or free.

Can we share our experiences here, this new app store is a big change and likely to remain this way for some time to come.

Whats the impact of the new app store on your businesses?


  • iColoramaiColorama SwedenPosts: 17New Users *
    edited September 24
    So far no impact, but too earlier to say!
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  • astersdoastersdo USAPosts: 627New Users @ @ @
    Will apps be easier or harder to find do you think? Some of my higher ranked apps appear to be moving higher, and my lower ranked apps lower, but at 20% adoption it is meaningless at this stage I guess.
    Did the iPhone 8 bomb? How will that affect us? It is hard to believe that everyone is waiting for the "X", and the X will be in limited supply anyway.
  • savannasavanna Posts: 266New Users @ @
    edited September 24
    astersdo wrote: »
    Will apps be easier or harder to find do you think?

    Hard to say, at first glance it looks like the featured apps will get more attention compared to before. The layout looks like the winner takes all problem is worse. You can't browse the categories without more taps now, its hidden down in the interface, so I expect chart positions to matter less. So unless you're featured, I'd expect less exposure than before.

    However, if apple have succeeded in making the app store app a daily habit for people because they check for the new editorial content, that might more than offset those problems. You'd expect your downloads to be a function of the number of times the app store is visited by users... so perhaps thats good news for us. But it depends what users do when they visit the app store, do they stick to the featured tab, check out the lucky few and close it again, or will they be inspired to spend more time in the app store than that which makes it more likely they'll see your app page..?

    If an average app store user used to open the app store app twice a week but now does it 5 times on average for example... should we expect a corresponding uplift in downloads? There is some hope there in my view.
  • bellissimobellissimo Posts: 192Registered Users @ @
    edited September 25
    Assuming search has not changed, and most apps are found by search, it should not have a major impact. From my analytics, almost 90% of installs result from an app store search. That said, the Categories chart change will have an impact, but whether that will be offset by more user activity is impossible to say. Once users get nagged to upgrade (which should start soon), and the initial excitement dies down we will have a much better idea. Maybe in a month or so...
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