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an experiment with search.

wow Apple, a suggestion, who ever is doing your search term match, let someone else do it. as an experiment, I did a "search ad" campaign, I put in no keywords, no negative keywords, and turned on "search match",

I got hits for "mail" "email", "vpn", browser, "Apple mail"???? "mailbox", "windows 365"???? and just about every combination of "mail" and random keywords.

needless to say, my app has nothing to do with this, the list of my app keywords have zero in common with this. title, company name, none.. I don't even think I mention "email" in my description.

and what in the world are people searching for "mail" apps for on an iPhone? .. an iphone that includes the mail app? (i can see why on a Mac, now that Apple has gutted the Mail app over the last couple of versions) but for the iPhone? who in the world searches for "Apple mail"?????

it appeared to me, Apple was just throwing off the worst terms it could find for my "campaign"... because no one else wanted them.... uhh Apple, that is what shady companies do, you really don't need to make money at this that badly...

did Apple actually hire people from shady marketing companies? seriously you don't need to hire "experts" from this field, a person with an average IQ above a rock can do this for you.

as a matter of fact, you want to fire "experts" from this field... anybody that is an expert in this field makes one feel like taking a shower after meeting...

I only wonder what in the world is going on with a normal search in the App Store, god help us if they have "experts" doing that too...


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