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"Cupertino we have a problem"

jhonkjjhonkj Posts: 150New Users @ @
edited September 2017 in Business, Legal, & App Store
wait, where is spaceship Apple at anyway, is it still in Cupertino?

anyway, Apple stripped the Apps out of iTunes, where they should never have been anyway, but they were, and the links to apps from the "web" are "itms://" notice the bit about itunes, (same with itms) now lets say every app has about 10 to 100 links somewhere on the internet from all kinds of websites trying to... well... link to apps..

that means if Apple were to change that, somewhere between 10 million to 100 million links across the internet will suddenly break.

two things can happen, either Apple is crazy enough to change that and not care, or they leave it, and keep it legacy while they change it for new apps, there by confusing the heck out of the internet.

oh, and what if you are on a Mac, and you click on this link, which used to open "iTunes", and show you a nice representation of the app...

what are they going to do about that? I mean, even I could tell it was a bad idea 10 years ago to have apps in itunes... heck they shouldn't even have movies in "iTunes" look what you have wrought Apple...

let me look for a movie, i'll check i "tunes", ya, that makes sense... geez...

good luck with that.


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