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Twitter and Facebook buttons

Mariusz KowalczykMariusz Kowalczyk Posts: 115Registered Users
Hello and welcome

I would like to have some Twitter/Facebook integration in a game I am working on. There will be two features:
- follow us on Twitter/Facebook
- send your score to Twitter/Facebook

I am going to implement these features as a normal links (the built-in browser will appear after clicking).

Twitter Help Center | Guidelines for Use of the Twitter Trademark
Brand Resource Center | Facebook

After reading these two documents I still have more questions than answers.

1. Do I need to ask Twitter/Facebook for permission?

2. Do I need to register anything anywhere? There are those "developer sections" on Twitter/Facebook, do I need to mess with them?

3. Can I use custom made buttons or maybe I have to use the buttons they provide? According to the links above, they may have some objections about custom design of the buttons. On the other hand there is so many apps and sites with custom buttons so I probably misunderstood something.

Thank you for any suggestions.
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