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iPhone Entertainment App for Sale! (Send me your offer!)

aamontreeaamontree Posts: 17New Users *
edited October 2012 in Code For Sale
I would like to sell the rights to my free app iPhone/iPod Touch App, "Blow Whistle"

You might think that I am selling this app because it has decreased in popularity since its launch and I no longer am generating any downloads. Contrary to that belief, its popularity has increased tremendously since the launch of iOS 6.
The reason behind me wanting to sell it is that I currently want to focus on another app I have.
On the week days it is downloaded anywhere between 120-180 times/day while on the weekends downloads peak upwards of 200-240 downloads/day. iAd is currently implemented within the app as well. I am open to offers so send me a message if you have one, or if you have any inquiries about the app whatsoever!
I promise that I am not a scammer, I just recently sold the rights to another app through this same thread to the user Stephanoitz.
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