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FREE SOURCE CODE (seriously...)

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Hey so I know that a post titled FREE anything sounds sketchy, but let me explain. I work for Apptopia, an online marketplace for app acquisitions and sales based in Boston, MA. As part of the service we offer, we broker the deal, make sure payments go through securely, provide the seller with legal protection so they don't get screwed, etc. For those services, we charge a small fee (gotta make money somehow). We ran into some trouble when a particular buyer purchased an app called Hard Rock Player. Here's what it does:
-Links to rock and roll videos and clips from around the world.
-It allows you to watch the top rated, most viewed, and newest hard rock videos around.
-Using the random video function can even surprise you.
-With the “My Clips” function you can also easily create a personal playlist. Simple, but useful.

Now, after the deal went through and the buyer received the code and paid our service fee, they filed a chargeback with VISA claiming that their card was subject to fraudulent charges (the most common box to check).
Now, keep in mind this person:
-Has logged into Apptopia on 41 separate occasions.
-Signed a Purchase & Sale agreement.
-Made 2 payments (the first $150 deposit, and then after receiving our invoice made the 2nd payment voluntarily for the remainder of the balance).
-Had a lengthy conversation with both my Transfer Team & Google’s Support team, all in regards to transferring the application into his developer account.

Now this person with full knowledge of our policy filed with his credit card company to be refunded the service charge after he received the code, which is intellectual property and cannot be returned or deleted. Secondly, we are small business and don't have a 10 million dollar bank account to deal with issues like this.

So, now that we are the owners of the source code to this app, and since it is generating little or no value for us, we figured that we would share it with the community in hopes that it will benefit someone else. Maybe you can use part of it, maybe you can learn from it. Whatever you want to do.

If you want to download the Source Code (For Free!) follow this link, where you can also read more about the situation in a blog post that does a much better job of explaining the situation.



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