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Flash video player app for iPhone

athosathos Posts: 6New Users
I started this project almost a year ago and finally finished in February when it was accepted in the Apple App Store.

It is my own idea that runs behind, it is based on Chrome web browser and some network sniffing to get the video clip and pass it to the device. Of course it can be improved but I am stopping here. :)

The reason I am selling this app is that I just like to build them, I don't invest my time and money in advertising this. I think there are people who know very well how to monetize it better and get rich.

The app is making money since day one when it was launched without putting any dollar in advertising it.

The app is very useful, there are a lot of websites with video clips that you can't watch on your iPhone. Here comes HitBrowser to help you. It delivers the video clip at the original quality without losing time converting it to be supported by the iOS built in video player. It has a unique video player that is compatible with all videos that are streamed at the moment over the internet.

You can watch some video reviews of the app here:

Some of the features of HitBrowser are unique, you will not find them at any app from the AppStore. For example you can choose what video to watch if there are more than one on a web page. Also it can stream live video from a lot of websites which are not supported by the most apps.

For running this app/businnes you will need a server with Windows 2008 R2. If the traffic grows you simply buy another server and install the backend software and you doubled the capacity, you don't need to make any settings, it just works from the start.

The revenue generated by this application is clean, I didn't invest any money in advertising the app. I am getting about $500 every from month since I launched the app. The total number of downloads until now is about 1,000. With just a small invest in advertising you can get thousands of dollars back.

I made a test and set the app for Free in the AppStore for 1 day only and had 800 downloads very fast.

This is a great opportunity for you to get a quality app and to recover your investment in short time.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Also I can offer promo codes to test it if you are really interested in buying it.

I am asking $20,000 for the app. You will get full source code of the app and the server app that runs behind, domain name, facebook and twitter accounts.

Contact me by PM if you have any questions.
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